[REVIEW] Movie Shazam !: Little superhero of the DC movie universe

Shazam movie! currently receives a fresh score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB. The young Billy Batson will make the audience laugh from the beginning to the end of the Yesmovies, besides the meaningful and valuable messages.

Shazam movie score! on Rotten Tomatoes movie review site

These are figures not different from what Wonder Woman  has done for DCEU. Diana also helped the superheroine film get a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The story revolves around the life of the young Billy Batson - a rebellious orphan who spent his youth searching for his lost mother when he was three. During the subway trip, Billy accidentally came to the temple of the ancient witch and here the gray-haired old man gave the boy his strength.

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So just shout "Shazam!" is from a boy, Billy Batson will turn into a muscular superhero with the muscular body of an adult man but the soul and intellect inside him.

Bill for the first time in his life has the power of a superhero or the power of a god. But at a young age, he didn't know what to use this power because no one taught him.

So, Billy had to rely on the help of his half-brother and mother-in-law living in the same room, the journey to discover the deep inner strength made the audience laugh and laugh when both of them he used his power to satisfy the bullshit of children.

The animations we all have seen through the short trailers such as buying snacks that children often eat, pretending to be adults to buy beer ... But a newly hatched baby is locked in a human body. big, stuck not knowing what to do will bring enough troubles in the life of the boy as well as those around him.

Surely you will be a little disappointed, the film will not be too many action scenes too voyeuristic but in return the script is "processed" in a very interesting way with many funny tendencies to stomach pain beside. Very ingenious messages about the family are integrated.

phim shazam

With the scenario in the world of superhero movies it's nothing too new for the superhero universe when a great source of power is given to a chosen person. But what's fascinating about the movie Shazam! It's a journey of looking at the lives of two children when they are given the power of the gods, so they decided to use this power to satisfy their curiosity and the gore blood of youth. not for anyone or for something big.

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There is a rhythm that is not too fast with a very modern style. This is a film that brings a whole new color to the expanded DC universe that was ‘covered in a dark, naked color.

If you threaten to compare with Deadpool to choose the best movie, the movie Shazam! much better, because it is funny but not bullshit but also brings deep feelings about the family, along with the humorous jokes do not ask make the audience laugh.


The trio "bullshit" Asher Angel (Billy Batson), Jack Dylan Grazer (Freddy) and Zachary Levi (Shazam) is the most impressive highlight for the entire film. A Billy Batson had the body of a man at that time as a boy but the personality of a child remained the same, with muscular muscles but Shazam still could not hide his ‘young buffalo’.

The action is so few that this is also the weakest point in the movie Shazam !. If fans are waiting for a monumental superhero movie, eye-catching and fighting, it will be somewhat disappointed. As a superhero movie, but the scenes flying and fighting with the opponent are not many. The main character also does not maximize the strength that he has.

The Seven Deadly Sins

Besides, Seven Deadly Sins are built on the myth of seven human crimes (The Seven Deadly Sins) including: Pride (Greed), Greed (Greed), Lust (Lust), Envy (Puzzle) hydrophobic), Gluttony (Gluttony), Wrath (Wrath), Sloth (Lazy) are always really interesting, attractive and hot topics in many topics of filmmakers.
The combination of special effects, sound and super combat combat scenes mixed with comedic situations makes the scenes more attractive.

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Definitely that movie Shazam! It will be difficult to satisfy the audience without the sound and super cool soundtrack. Knowing how to make the most of the benefits of the speaker system in the theater, the coordinates of the maximum sound reverberation helps the audience to have a lot of hearts, startled every time Billy turns into Shazam or the melee phase. Shazam! There are songs that have good melody.

There are a lot of easter eggs appearing unexpectedly, surely viewers should know these details when looking at them because it is really very attractive.

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A beautiful young adolescent adventure thorny from beginning to end, Shazam! 80 comedy style mixed with the whole superhero genre early 2000. But instead of feeling nostalgic, Shazam! is more idealistic when it comes to integrating sincerity and dumbness into the superhero genre, but still conveys a touching story about the strength of friendship

Decided To Go See

In short, the movie Shazam! Receiving a lot of compliments from critics and fans who are totally deserving, DC has also started to mark the success of renewing its brands more successfully.

phim shazam

Mark them as the audience with the majority of the family segment when focusing on factors that attract attraction such as easy-to-watch humor and heartwarming emotional solvents that make the movie highly entertaining. You guys are still hesitant to bring your butt to the theater, what a movie!

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